Why should I Enrol at EIA? 

New NZ Business Diplomas are designed to prepare students as managers and leaders within the industry. At level 5 students will be responsible for their own workload at a rate of 30% while at level 6 they are completely in charge. Teachers will play a facilitator role and papers are mainly project based. Students also can engage in case studies and work as a group. All assessments are competency based, and students are allowed to re-sit any component of their assessment that they may have failed. 

These are our differences from other providers:

- Flexible time-table

- Local and international experienced tutors and highly qualified

- Monthly intakes (every 1st Monday of the month)

- Friendly and multicultural staff

- Small and mixed classes


What am I going to learn?

These are the papers you are going to learn in each level:

Fundamentals of Business Accounting for Managers
Business Ethics and Communication Project Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Innovation and Change Management
Operations Management Human Resource Management
Leadership and Change Management Executive Leadership
Small Business Management Strategic Management


How long is each course?

There are 6 papers, each one worth 20 credits. You will have 36 weeks of classes and 16 weeks of holiday, for a total of 52 weeks (academic year) - per level. There are 3 semesters of 12 weeks and you do 2 papers in each semester. For each paper you will have 20 hours of classroom study and 14 hours of self-study.

In case you decided to study Level 5 & Level 6, you might finish earlier than 2 academic years. This will be assessed case by case and is only possible if the Academic Board approves it.


What is the difference between Level 5 & Level 6?


What skills will be learnt in the course?

What will be done in the course to gain the skills?

How to pass the course?


What are the requirements to enrol?

Can I pay my fees in instalments?

Yes, you can but your visa only will be consider by NZ Immigration for the period that you have paid.


What are the pathways / partnerships to go to UNI or finding a job/internship?


Am I able to work while studying?

Yes, you may work up to 20h/week while studying and full time (40h/week) during holidays. This is subject to NZ Immigration policy.


How does the internship work? Is it a requirement? Does the School assist students to find an internship?

Some businesses in NZ do allow International students to work for them for a period of time and usually for free to gain some NZ experience. These will be individually assessed and agreed on.


How to apply for the visa from my country?

You can apply online through the Immigration website, and these are all the documents you will need:

- Offer of Place

- Receipt of payment

- 2 Photos

- Passport (valid until 6 extra months after your finishing date on the course)

- Bank statements with a proof of NZD$ 15,000 (or equivalent) per year of study

- Air flight ticket to do back to your home country

Insurance for the full period of studies

* NZ Immigration may require more documents, such as police certificate, chest x-ray or other medical exams, etc. Please check the Immigration website.


How does the "competency based" assessments in fact works?

These are vocational courses and prepare students for employment in New Zealand setting. The learning methodology is applied and once you completed successfully your course, you are ready to be employed by a NZ business company.

The competency Based assessment means that there are no final exams as such and students’ work is assessed based on their effort both on theoretical and practical findings required by the course. The whole class will work as a team, sometimes as a group and other times individually doing research, local case studies and seminars. Assessments are designed to evaluate each student’s work. There are assessment rubrics and breakdowns making sure that the work of each student is evaluated fairly, accurately & consistency. If a student doesn’t achieve 100% and fail parts of their assessment, then they will be given 2 other chance to fulfil the prerequisites of the course.  All student must achieve 100% in order to complete the course.  


Is it going to be an orientation day before I start?

Yes, all the students go through a orientation program at the start of the course. Teachers also run orientation programs during the course. This could include driving in New Zealand (how get your learner license in NZ), safety instructions, holidays and calendar of the course, course requirements, handbooks and etc.


What is the minimum attendance requirements?

Anything below 80% is not acceptable. You must have a valid reason to miss your classes, this could include medical/family reasons, etc. EIA has 100% attendance policy.


Does EIA arranges homestay for me during the period of my studies in Auckland?

Yes, we can help you to find a suitable homestay while your studying in Auckland. Get in touch with the reception for further information. you can do this before or after your arrival in New Zealand. Fees may applicable.


Can EIA assess me to find a job?

Yes, we can help you with CV writing, cover letter, interview skills and we also post jobs available in our campus for your information.


What are the requirements for students who are under 18?

If you are under 18, your parents must be involved in your enrolment and you must have got a designated guardian while you are living in New Zealand. Please check our website under students section for further information.